A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Entry for Ludum Dare 38 created in cooperation with @ohanhan

A fighting game featuring mushrooms - no they cannot move ;)

Use spores to plant poisonous mushrooms in the enemy territory while defending yourself from their spores and mushrooms with bullets.

Default Controls:
Player 1:
Aim: A, D or Gamepad D-Pad
Confirm/Shoot Bullet: V or Gamepad Button 0
Shoot Spore: B or Gamepad Button 1
Recharge Energy: F or Gamepad Button 3

Player 2:(can use a second Gamepad with the same controls as above)
Aim: Arrow left and right
Confirm/Shoot Bullet: K
Shoot Spore: L
Recharge Energy: i

The two different mushrooms that are available are unfortunately completely identical except for their visuals.

Music by 42Kwei


ClashOfTheFungus Windows.zip 14 MB
ClashOfTheFungus Mac OS X.zip 28 MB
ClashOfTheFungus Linux.zip 27 MB

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